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Purple Tie Promotions knows that articulate speakers with the ability to diversify, and promote the need for self-development, are in great demand. Speakers are available for all types of events including: after-dinner events, industry specific events and small group meetings within the business sector; inspirational career events and small group talks at Universities, Colleges and Schools; and selected charitable events.

 Whatever you are looking for in a speaker, whether it is specialist knowledge, an insight into good practice to enhance skills and confidence or just to be entertained; Purple Tie Promotions will research your needs and liaise with a suitable speaker for your proposed event.

With a good regional spread of speakers, distance to locations and travelling costs will be kept to a minimum – enabling you to maximise the quality of your event within your budget.

Passionate about professional and personal development, speakers will have up to date knowledge of their specialist subject area and a robust 360 degree feedback process will ensure that you, the customer, and our speakers have a say in the continual improvement of this service.

Purple Tie Promotions believes in encouraging successful professional women to support other women. This will be achieved by raising the awareness of women’s charities at annual and bespoke fund raising events.

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